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We have put together a brochure of essential products to help you Shake off the lockdown blues and celebrate the joy of being together.   

Bespoke at home party’s that are social and safe.

View our range of at home party essentials packaged to provide great impact and value so you can party in style with the ones you love in the safe environment of you home.

With the vaccine rollout gathering pace and having a positive impact on the horror that has been COVID-19  we believe there is cause for celebration.  With small groups of people being able to gather outside from May why not quench that desire to bask in the company of others and spend some much-needed time with family and friends with a fabulous garden party.

Our brochure lists all the essential production items you will need to put together a stylish memorable event. Simply select the items you would like and style the event to suit you.  We will deliver and instal on your behalf and return to remove at a time that suits you.  

Your garden is the perfect place to host a few select guests safely, without putting yourselves, or anyone else, at risk.

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