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Garden Lighting


Festoon lighting. Warm white


Bring warmth and light to any party with strings of warm festoon bulbs strung elegantly to create a warm canopy of light.​

Ideal for defining your party space and illuminating walkways. ​

10m Supplied with rigging posts, dimmer and all cable.  ​

10m/20 bulb. 

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Garden Spots


Highlight features and points of interest with these warm white garden spot lights creating depth and interest as a backdrop to your party.  Ideal for highlighting flowers, shrubs and small items of interest.​

Box of 10.       Supplied with 10 linking cables.

Screenshot 2021-03-16 at 11.36.08.png

Garden flood lights.

A box of LED flood lights Ideal for illuminating trees and larger shrubs to bring depth and drama to your garden and surroundings.  Use with garden spots to great effect​

Hire 2 x 30 watt, 6 x 10watt.     Supplied with 8 linking cables​

Battery Lighting

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Colour changing battery up lights.


Provide colour and atmosphere to your party by  highlighting architectural points of interest and bathing spaces in delicious colour.



Hire in box’s of 4 or 8

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Battery Spot Light


Versatile and easy to use this wide beam spot light is ideal for use highlighting those things you don’t want to go unmissed like a birthday cake, Urn of flowers or garden feature.   Supplied with a battery that will run for 8hrs each lamp has an easy to control dimmer so you can simply switch on, set a level and position where you like.    

Can be supplied with a base plate or “G” clamp so you can stand or hang discreetly as you wish.


Supplied in box’s of 12.

Remote controlled battery table lamps


Elegant and easy to use these table lamps will provide a warm splash of colour and light wherever you choice to position them.   Use on the bar to illuminate your drinks or dotted throughout, on dining tables and occasional tables as you wish.


Supplied in box’s of 6.

Screenshot 2021-03-16 at 11.38.12.png

Battery Table Spotlight.  -  80cm tall

A warm spotlight mounted on a chrome stalk ideal for illuminating buffets and bars.  ​

The battery is concealed elegantly within the base.​

Supplied in pairs.

20” LED paper lantern.  -  Set of 10.

A great way to add colour and charm to your event. Beautiful when hung in groups from trees and pergolas or strung in rows from lines above your guests' heads.​

Each Lantern is supplied with a battery powered LED bulb illuminating the lanterns from within as daylight fades.​

Atmospheric Lighting

disco balls.png

12” Disco Ball and colour changing spot-light.

A party essential.  Supplied with battery rotator and battery colour changing spot-light to send a myriad of twinkling light  spinning across your event.  Great by day and night.​

Speak to us directly about your rigging needs and we can advice